You may have read the news recently about a case where a man was sucked into an MRI machine in India and it resulted in his death.

But how did this occur?

MRI units use strong magnetic fields and radio-frequency waves to create images. The magnetic field generated by the MRI scanner will attract objects containing ferromagnetic metals (iron, nickel, cobalt) with considerable force, and it is our job as MRI Technicians to ensure that you are danger free before entering the MRI room.

How are we at Campsie Medical Imaging, ensuring that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in our MRI department?

Questions, Questions and more Questions! At Campsie Medical Imaging we give all of our MRI patient’s a questionnaire regarding not just their medical history, but also working history to ensure that all corners are covered. For more information about our MRI procedures and protocols please feel free to contact us and talk to any of our lovely staff.

To hear more about the serious case which resulted in the death of a worker in India please visit –

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Direct GP Referral: Bulk Billing MRI for Adults – NOW AVAILABLE

As of today, 1st November 2013, Auburn & Norwest Medical Imaging will be BULK BILLING – GP referred MRI scans for adults (aged 16 and over)  for the following specific conditions:

  • The head – unexplained seizure(s) or unexplained chronic headache with              suspected intracranial pathology;
  • The cervical spine  – suspected cervical radiculopathy or suspected cervical spine trauma;
  • The knee – following acute knee trauma where there is an inability to extend the knee suggesting an acute meniscal tear or clinical findings suggesting acute anterior cruciate ligament tear.

These new Medicare rebates are a result of today’s government announcement, further improving patients access to care and allowing GPs to treat patients using the best technology available.

Improving access to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Services – NEW GP MRI ITEM NUMBERS

The Australian Government has initiated the Diagnostic Imaging Reform Package to help ensure ongoing, affordable and convenient diagnostic imaging services for patients, with a key focus on the staged expansion of patient access to Medicare-eligible MRI services.

The Package includes increased access to MRI services for primary care patients by extending requesting rights to GPs for all patients under 16 years for a small set of clinically appropriate indications from 1 November 2012.

We are pleased to inform you that as of  1st November 2012, our Auburn Medical Imaging practice will BULK BILL all GP referred MRI for children under the age of 16 years.

Please be advised that this is only available at our Norwest and Auburn practices.

To find out which GP referred MRI items are bulk billed, please visit our Referrers page for more information.